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Ini sé Mali_Welcome to Mali.

Arriving in this country completely unknown to me meant, at first, approaching and getting to know the language, customs, even the objects. Everything prompts rethinking. Experienced situations have very different meanings from the ones interpreted. Describing all of this to the ones left at home made me write a blog. It should not be a typical travel blog, showing daily routines, which one puts aside after five entries. I wanted to illustrate what was happening around me with no judgement or comparison to my native culture. I wanted to report experiences, realities, customs, and objects objectively, leaving the readers room to imagine everything themselves. The content encompassed a huge variety of topics. I wrote about the customs that accompany the daily routine, crafts that were completely new to me, the food and its preparation. I paid special attention to objects that tell something about the Malian life. A clipping from the blog follows.

2014 / 2015

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