Show von Hocker

The summer stimulates. We go outside and out of our shells, open for spontaneous encounters and activities. It is time for socializing, which is celebrated outdoors, in parks and bathing lakes. Public spaces are recaptured and filled with life.

Sitting is a basic necessity and stands for communication, as well as coming to rest and opening oneself to the environment.

Summer Sale – sell or lend the summer? – The stage opens up for a summer experience, accessible to the public using the stool as a medium. Through a lateral sliding movement, the sales truck opens and reveals to the visitors two areas: the sales space and the games and stool rent out area. An open grid structure serves as presentation surface as well as a function module, creating an airy atmosphere.

Those who are convinced by KLAPP, will choose a suitable patterned fabric in the sales area. The light pocket stool can be taken home, send by post to the loved ones or enjoyed at the open-air cinema.

Collaboration with Marian Kebernik


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