repair Tram

The tram as mobile public space is redesigned to become a repair café, stimulating the surroundings where it stops. The temporary service attracts the interested public. Kiosks, bakeries, hardware and others stores will profit from this new meeting point. Synergies emerge. The suitable vehicle in Halle/Saale is the Tatra, rarely used for maintenance work in the route network. In Milan, it is a Ventotto from 1923, on duty until today on three lines. These historical vehicles are rolling personifications of sustainability and urban identity. The additional usage as repair café gives their operators a boost in popularity and new marketing possibilities.

The interior is organised through a structure which derives from the tram’s grab rail, its arrangement inspired by the route network of each city. Containers, surfaces and hooking elements are arranged in this framework. Information about themes, locations, tours and events can be found at the tram stop as well as on info screens on other trams. The reduced space of the RepairTram stands for flexibility and multiple uses.

Collaboration with Carsten Henrion


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