A noisy surrounding. People running up and down the street. Cars rush by. Everything is in a hurry. Haven’t we all wished to be upon a cloud at some point? This is the Cumulus concept: An installation opening the possibility to vanish from stress upon a level of calmness. A regularly shaped construction made of iron tubes and elastic fabric transforms through the interaction of the user. Inside the cloud, the body seems to float, while outside happenings become vague. Dull sounds and shadow plays let the user escape to an experience of serenity.

Standing firmly on six legs, Cumulus seems to float in the eyes of the viewer. A guide leads to a circular opening in the center of the object, which invites to enter. Above, an oculus allows the view into the sky. At night, Cumulus shines in its own light, becoming a glowing space of peacefulness.

Collaboration with Jordi Iranzo and Stefanie Rittler


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